Checkpoint discovers Fax Exploit on HP Multi-Function Devices

Researchers for Checkpoint announced recently that they successfully compromised a HP Multi-Function Device, with fax capabilities, by sending it a fax. The device was connected to a telephone line. While their research is surprising the T.30 protocol itself has not been compromised. We have provided a link below to Checkpoint’s report for further reading. 

However, the researchers are clear the exploit works by utilizing a weakness/flaw in the HP internally developed software used to render color/JPEG faxes. This vulnerability does not affect TIFF formatted faxes. Regardless, we advise you immediately apply HP security patches to you and your clients affected devices. Here is the link for the updates:

It is possible other device manufactures will find similar flaws in their systems and provide updates. Please watch for these and patch affected systems accordingly.

While FaxSIPit’s network and systems are not vulnerable to this type of attack, we are constantly working with our vendors and supplies on security safeguards. Plus our ATAs and SecureFax Cloud operate in ways that isolates our customers from similar malicious activity. For this and other reasons using FaxSIPit is a wise choice. We have many fax solutions that eliminate the need for telephone lines and even fax machines. Please contact sales if you want to learn more.

Here is the report from Checkpoint:

Here is the NIST analysis of the vulnerabilities: 

CVE-2018-5924 Detail: 

CVE-2018-5925 Detail: 

Please contact support or customer service if you have any questions or concerns.