Hurricane Florence

Dear FaxSipIt Customers,

As Hurricane Florence approaches, we wanted to inform you that we are working with our carriers to ensure our services will not be impacted. Our facilities aren’t in Florence’s path but some of the carriers have points of presence in potentially affected areas. Depending upon the as yet unknown consequences of Florence’s landfall we encourage everyone to follow state & local agency recommendations and put safety first. Clients with ATAs in affected areas might fail to send/receive faxes due to power outages etc. However, our systems will still be able to receive faxes and so will queue them up until physical fax devices etc. come back online. In the interim, and if necessary, those users can access their inbound faxes on our portal. If sending is required then any of our virtual fax services (PC-to-Fax, Email-to-Fax, and Web-to-Fax) can be used. Assuming power and internet accesses are available. We again encourage everyone to seek safety. We will deliver any received faxes to those affected users once their fax devices and computers come back online. Please stay safe.