Fax and Secure Messaging takes an Evolutionary Leap: SecureFax-SDE

FaxSIPit and Shield introduce SecureFAX-SDE their new secure messaging and collaboration virtual appliance. Now your clients can securely fax or share documents with anyone, anywhere on any device. SecureFax-SDE provides a compliant faxing and document management platform.  SecureFax-SDE is fully HIPAA complaint and meets or exceeds the auditing and data control requirements of regulated industries.

In 2010 we brought you the patented HTTPS FAX ATA to rave reviews and critical acclaim. It addressed a serious need to improve faxing quality and reliability over the Internet while working with traditional fax machines and servers.

In 2016 we launched the smaller inexpensive ATA that also eliminated costly telephony infrastructure and improved fax service.

Now we are launching SecureFax-SDE to provide more robust and secure document management and collaboration services along with our award winning fax solution.

SecureFax-SDE allows you and your clients to securely transfer or exchange sensitive files between remote branches, business partners, and customers with an intuitive, secure, and user-friendly interface. It also sends and receives faxes! Received faxes are stored locally and can be encrypted as required. SecureFax-SDE is a simple, easy to use, and fully auditable way to send encrypted emails of any size and type to registered or ad-hoc recipients.

SecureFax-SDE integrates with Active Directory, Outlook and Office365 as well as GoogleDrive so you or your clients can utilize cloud storage and services while maintaining full visibility, governance, and control of all data. Faxing can be done via existing trunks (via embedded Freeswitch) or use FaxSIPit / Shield SecureFax service to send & receive faxes.

SecureFax-SDE will help you ensure the proper secure document is faxed or shared with the correct party anywhere on any device. Ask us how SecureFAX-SDE allows you to maintain auditable control over your data.