SecureFax-SDE: Compliant Email, Fax, Web & Mobile App

We are pleased to announce SecureFax-SDE is now being offered asa Software-as-a-Service(SaaS)solution.

SecureFax-SDE lets your clients work from any where on any device all while maintaining security and compliance. SDE is a simple, inexpensive and secure document sharing, secure email and fax solution that encrypts and isolates data so only authorized personnel have access. This helps reduce the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

Easily add security to how people actually work

SecureFax-SDE provides businesses and business users the ability to utilize cloud storage solutions while maintaining full visibility, governance, and control of all data uploaded and downloaded from the cloud. It allows access to any cloud storage from any device (mobile, desktop, etc.) is complaint with organization regulation and policies.

SecureFax-SDE enables users to safely share and securely transfer sensitive files into and outside the organization with a user-friendly file upload that replaces FTP. This includes sending encrypted emails of any size and type to registered or ad-hoc recipients. SDE’s secure email is a simple, easy to use, fully auditable alternative to PGP and other secure email solutions.

The Mobile App lets your clients move policy enforcement beyond the perimeter so teams can work more effectively while sharing forms and documents securely. SecureFax-SDE gives them complaint Email, Web & Fax document sharing and collaboration plus active defence against data breaches.

SecureFax-SDE works with Android and iOS devices
  • Integrate security with any application
  • Replace fax machines and analog phone lines
  • Automate workflow
  • Provide full auditing of data access and exchange
  • Secure e-mail with encryption and audit trail
  • Comply with policies and regulations (HIPAA, PCI etc.)

Revolutionize Communications! Keep client conversations confidential and provide better service delivery. SecureFax-SDE has been designed from the ground up to protect files from internal or external unauthorized access. This prevents attackers from leaking, stealing, misusing, encrypting or compromising data files. Maintain high customer satisfaction and increase productivity with data exchange services delivered on our reliable secure network infrastructure.

The 5 Ways SecureFax-SDE will Revolutionize Your Communications

  1. Communicate in a way that is secure, encrypted and auditable
  2. Add security without changing workflows
  3. Mobile users & Remote workers can securely send/receive documents
  4. Prevent private data from being compromised even during a breach
  5. Free up time to focus on clients

SecureFax-SDE reduces the complexity of Document Transmission while providing timely and detailed usage and tracking reports. It’s on demand scalability eliminates the need for queuing faxes and provides secure exchange for forms, instructions, guides, or statements etc. Providing encrypted transmission of information contained within those documents. This makes SecureFax-SDE perfect for your medical, legal, financial, and government clients.

SecureFax-SDE strengthens control of sensitive data exchange at a relatively low cost. It can also be delivered as virtual appliance for on premise or self-hosted requirements. Both solutions require a minimum of 15 users with self-hosted requiring an IP to allow fax transfer. You can speak to sales regarding full pricing details and get a quote.

Give your clients a higher level of redundancy against data loss

Like all of our fax products and services SecureFax-SDE offers a simple yet absolutely safe way to communicate between organizations. While Fax compliments your existing phone offerings and helps eliminate costly traditional telecom services. SDE extends beyond document transfer into document protection and auditing. As data security becomes more necessary SDE provides an opportunity to grow your revenue. SecureFax-SDE is ideally suited for todays’ data protection requirements. It is the only data exchange platform built for compliance regulated industries that also incorporates faxing services. Ask us how you can take advantage of the most complete data protection solution on the market.

Help your Customers protect their Data with SecureFax-SDE!