SecureFax-SDE: Take the guess work out of complaint faxing!

Wouldn’t your clients like to send a compliant Fax knowing that all their sensitive information is secure and they have a full audit trail of the delivery?

Our Secure Fax-SDE virtual appliance is complaint for all industry types and provides the ability to securely transmit all types of data including faxes. It fully integrates with existing fax servers and related equipment or can be used with our Secure Fax cloud. It will also connect too many data management systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and Customer Relation Management (CRM).

Right Person | Right Document | Right on Time

Secure Fax-SDE enables organizations to control access and secure data of any type between people and applications including fax. It is designed to easily maintain compliance and security while retaining existing work patterns.

Ask us how Secure FAX-SDE allows your customers to maintain auditable control over their data!

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