Inbound Faxes distribution delays – backlog clearing – RESOLVED

15:30 Pacific Time – Systems are still working under full load and processing new submissions in real time. Extra capacity is being utilized to process the backlog. However, its going slower than originally anticipated. We now expect it to clear later tonight and will provide another update once its cleared.

11:20 Pacific Time – System are working under full load and processing new submissions in priority and extra capacity is utilized to process the backlog. We expecting it to be cleared in few hours.

9:20 Pacific Time – Our vendor is currently working with us and we will have to do couple of brief interruptions where service will not be accessible. Those shouldn’t last more than few minutes at a time.

8:20 AM Pacific Time – backlog is slowly clearing. New faxes should be distributed normally although we see some cases where faxes are impacted (delayed). We are working with our vendor to see if we can accelerate the backlog processing.

7:15 AM Pacific Time – We are experiencing inbound fax distribution delays. Our tech team identified the issues and resolved it. However there is a backlog that is clearing. We will provide an update in an hour.
Note that there is no lost faxes or data.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide with status updates here.