Fax Notification – Email Delay – RESOLVED

1:18 PM PDT – The generation of email notifications has returned to real time and the backlog of previous notifications has cleared. We are continuing to monitor these services.

12:45 PM PDT – In order to resolve the intermittent delay on notifications we will need to restart some web portal services which will do right now. There may be a period of up to 5 minutes that some portal services will not be available.

Our engineers have observed intermittent delays on fax notifications delivered by emails. Outbound fax jobs are not impacted themselves. We currently see a delay of up to 50 minutes on the delivery of fax notifications by email. We are working with in parallel our vendor to bring additional resources online to reduce the time on the backlog as well as ensure the issue that caused the delay is addressed. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update as more information becomes available.