Inbound Intermittent Failure From Upstream Carrier -RESOLVED

5:10 PM PDT – Inbound Intermittent issue is resolved, additional resources have been implemented by the underlying carrier. Thank you.

12:00 PM PDT – The carrier reports the congestion as mitigated. Any reports of inbound issues after this time should be investigated specifically as normal.

10:40 AM PDT – The specific carrier experiencing intermittent inbound issues on their toll free platform have updated they expect to have resolution within an hour. We will update further as soon as we receive more details.

One of our underlying carriers has reported some inbound calls are intermittently failing. We have observed that some of our inbound Toll Free Numbers are impacted by this issue. As it is intermittent end-users may not feel an impact as remote parties are retrying and subsequently getting through. Our support team can provide alternate inbound numbers if needed. This issue also impacts the toll-free numbers for our office. Should you need to speak with any of our departments our local number 778.328.7276 can also be used.

Our partner carrier has reported this issue is due to congestion from a surge in Work From Home strategies tied to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and will have an update at 11 AM PDT.