Limited Inbound Intermittent Issue – RESOLVED

2:20 PM Pacific – Resource deployment has completed and the inbound call flow with all fail-over paths working correctly. We will continue to do additional monitoring on these routes. At this time this issue is resolved and any inbound issues should be examined on an case by case basis.

1:00 PM Pacific – The impacted routes have been isolated and call behaviour has again returned to normal. We are working to bring more resources in place to ensure the proper load handling using alternative routes.

12:50 PM Pacific – We are seeing some busy inbound sessions occur again and working to isolate these calls.

12:40 PM Pacific – This issue has been corrected and inbound traffic is coming in normally. Thank you for your understanding as we worked to resolve this issue.

12:30 PM Pacific – Our engineers have identified what they believe is the source of the inbound issue and working towards resolution. We have diverted some traffic that should largely mitigate the issue although some sporadic presentation of the same symptom is likely for the next 10 minutes.

11:45 AM Pacific – We are seeing some inbound traffic with one of our underlying carriers and have escalated the issue with them for further investigation. Sending parties may initially get a busy signal and then fax tone on a subsequent retry. As most sending services will retry a failed send multiple times receivers may not feel any impact as they have faxes coming in on subsequent retries. Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.