Partial Inbound Issue – RESOLVED

3:00 PM PST – This issue has been resolved. We will do some non-service impacting maintenance overnight to keep the noted additional resources in place in production.

2:00 PM PST – More resources for the web portal were brought on successfully and are producing the desired outcomes. We are continuing to monitor to ensure all aspects of this partial inbound issue have been addressed.

1:45 PM PST – In order to bring on more resources we briefly interrupted access to the web portal. We are doing some further testing and verification and will update.

1:30 PM PST – At 1:00pm an issue was identified and acted upon. We believe that since that time any impacting effects on inbound calls have been eliminated and are continuing to monitor.

12:45 PM PST – We are again observing some inbound failures and engineers are investigating.

12:15 PM PST –  Our engineers did observe an issue regarding limited inbound failures from one of our carriers that does appear to now be resolved. We are monitoring the systems to make sure that the issue remains cleared and all services are normal.