Service Bulletin – Timeout while sending by PC to FAX

We have recently observed an increase in Timeout errors on fax jobs submitted by the PC to FAX driver. A Timeout error means we were unable to process the submitted images and no fax transmission occurs. This is usually due to the size of the image being larger than a Standard A4 8.5″x11″ one.

Recent updates in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, the most common program for viewing PDFs, have added new sizing and scaling options to the print settings. Without adjustment these options can result in pages larger than a standard size to be handed off to the PC to FAX driver.

Should an end-user report receiving a Timeout error work with them to determine what settings are in place on the Print Dialog screen of Acrobat Reader before printing the job to the Internet Fax printer.
More information and images on altering these settings are available in our Knowledge Base at

Additional information:
We are investigating with the PC to FAX vendor if there are possibilities for analyzing the image size before submitting it for transmission.