Service impacting event – RESOLVED

6:00 PM PST All systems are working as expected with no delays.

5:00 PM PST Systems are back on our primary configuration. There was a temporary backlog processing faxes which showed “Timeout” but faxes were delivered later on.

2:30 PM PST Root cause was identified and fixed. We are doing more testing and verification but these won’t have any service impact. We will monitor and do a graceful move to primary systems after hours.

1:45 PM PST – Services are restored and email backlog has been cleared. We are still investigating and working to identify and fix the root cause.

1:15 PM PST – We noticed system issue which is impacted services. Our team is investigating it and working to fix it.

We migrated services to our DR site and expect service to be restored in the next 15 min. Currently Fax to email service are still impacted.

We will report update over here.

We are sorry for the inconvenience