The FaxSIPit Solution: Fax Your Way

It’s easy. It’s FaxSIPit.

In today’s marketplace, it is critical to deploy a reliable, secure and complete solution – without compromising your brand, quality of service, range of features or your stress level. At FaxSIPit, we go beyond todays standard core service offerings for all your fax machine connection and virtual fax services.

Say “no” to downtime and DIY work arounds – why spend the money, time and effort? We already have your fax solution, custom tailored to suit your specific needs. Let’s get you started. Choose from our FaxSIPit total solutions, or contact us to craft your own custom tailored service to get you focused on what’s important – your business – while we take care of your fax.

With our FaxSIPit hosted white label portal, you set up your customer and install a HTTPS or TLS ATA.

Reliable Freedom: HTTPS Fax over IP

Every account setup is simple and stress free. With all our FaxSIPit services there is no need for expensive equipment, no complex installations and extremely simple provisioning. With our FaxSIPit hosted white label portal, you set up your customer and install one of our NEW TLS ATAs or HTTPS ATAs. It’s a hassle-free and quick deployment. No more frustrated customers or failed faxes due to Jitter or Packet loss.

Stay on top of it all with our reliable HTTPS system. With a track record of over a quarter century in the industry, FaxSIPit has proven to be the only choice for reliable and secure fax transmissions – over IP, WiFi, Satellite and Cellular.

White ATA (TLS)

Our SecureFax-ATA, affectionately known as Unicorn, is a budget conscious HIPAA compliant faxing solution that uses TLS based file transfer. TLS is the underlying cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over a computer network. HTTPS uses it for encrypted communications over the Internet. The SecureFax-ATA integrates with our white label portal very well and is easy to deploy. It offers enhanced HIPAA and regulatory compliance and easily connects to existing fax machines and servers. It has a single phone line and small footprint so can be deployed almost anywhere.

FeaturesNEW!! FaxSIPit White Label ATAFaxSIPit HTTPS ATA
Internet connection (WAN port)xx
LAN Portxx
Telephone Lines12
Telephone Line VoIP Support x
POS or Alarm* Support x
Extensive Fax Device Supportxx
Modem Speed (Max. BAUD)14.4K14.4K
Integration with PortalFullLimited
Automatic Provisioningx 
Satellite, Cell & WiFi VoIP connectionsxx
More Reliable Than T.38

At FaxSIPit, we know there are many options when it comes to VoIP Fax solutions – but not all solutions are created equal. Our competitors promote ATA’s that operate using T.38 protocol – T.38 VoIP technology has inherent flow issues when it comes to fax over open internet – which means your customers will deal with unacceptable rates of fax failure due to packet, loss, jitter and PCM Clock sync issues. These other service providers leave you to deal with frustrated customers, a barrage of support calls, potential loss of business and a lowered reputation. At FaxSIPit, we only offer the one, truly reliable solution – HTTPS.

Desktop Computer

Virtual Freedom: HTTPS Fax/PC to Fax

Every account setup is simple and stress free. With all our FaxSIPit services there is no need for expensive equipment and no complex installations – our virtual service is a hosted white label – we make it yours.

As the business world moves towards unified communications, FaxSIPit pushes the platform for more flexibility, freedom, productivity by providing efficiency and ease of use.

Keep mission critical documents under control with an audit trail and connect to your document management system that governs the process – lean on the tried and true fax machine and reap the benefits of virtual faxing from a PC.

Send mission critical faxes easy as email and receive faxes as a digital PDF file – increase the green in your business by saving hard costs, and increase the green in the world by lowering overall paper and toner usage. The list goes on…

Flexibility and ease of use are what it’s all about – packaged with the same reliability and expertise that tens of thousands have already experienced with.

server in cloud on white

Powerful Control: HTTPS/SIP Trunking

First in the industry, first to the technology. We deliver. This is all about control and freedom and the one solution that delivers both. FaxSIPit frees you up to manage your business while we manage the business of fax – total control and freedom.

If you or your customer are a corporation or government agency, required to keep your in-house fax servers we will handle the rest. FaxSIPit delivers monitored, real-time, built in redundancy AND replaces the need for your fax hardware boards and eliminate loop and line charge expenses. Enjoy the benefits of IP-based faxing without the T.38 hurdles.

Let FaxSIPit handle your questions so you can deliver you faxes. Do you have a situation that requires total control over fax management due to compliance or privacy requirements? Are you required to have an in-house enterprise fax server? What about total control of termination and origination of faxes?

HTTPS/SIP Trunking is for corporations seeking the advantage of a tested reliable IP-based fax network to terminate their fax documents – reliable, secure and tested.