Zoom Fax Support

  • Q: What is FaxSIPit? 

    A: FaxSIPit is an integration you can use from Marketplace to send and receive faxes within Zoom. It is also supporting other fax clients like “email to fax” “fax to email” and is able to support physical fax machines. The solution is a complaint for HIPAA PCI-DSS FISMA etc.

    Q: Why are we reselling FaxSIPit?

    A: Larger customers prefer to buy solutions for common use cases such as contact centers and UCaas as opposed to buying multiple software products from multiple vendors and then figure out how to make them all work together. Building the ability to resell third party solutions on Zoom’s quoting systems will help solve this problem. The partnership with FaxSIPit for the past 4 years proved that the solution meets the highest market requirements and selling it under our brand will strengthen the sales process

    Q: What is the cost for this product? 

    A: Fred please enter here per our agreed pricing

    Q: When is this expected to be a sellable sku?

    A: July 17th

    Q: What level of support is expected for FaxSIPit?

    A: Customer Success and Technical support should be offering tier one level of support following our desired one-call-resolution. There will be a support handoff process when issues arise.