Faxing Via the Cloud

Cloud computing can be described as computing applications, resources and services that can be accessed remotely and on demand by users. These days, this can be done by cloud service providers over the Internet.

The development of hosting companies eliminates the requirement for in-house software or hardware and excessive IT staff to manage an internal system.

For end-users this means increased accessibility, scalability, and a low-cost means of operating, merely considering the comparative savings with the flexibility of a hosted implementation.

Cloud computing radically alters the way applications are run, delivered, and integrated. The cloud functions on a larger scale, drawing many different users who gain access to services and applications within a single cloud or multiple clouds.

The efficiency of Cloud Faxing results in increased revenue and more possibilities that were previously unavailable for the independent VoIP provider, carrier and ISP alike.

It is a distinct advantage to companies everywhere to be able to use fax services as needed in which users only have to pay for their usage and modify their resources for business needs, with no contractual or financial commitments in equipment or telephony.

For this reason, there are three distinct fax services:

• Fax-to-Fax with real time, secure HTTPS transmission;
• Mobility with PC-to-Fax for today’s mobile work force; and
• SIP Trunking.

Many companies still use internal fax servers, but have to purchase, install, configure fax hardware boards, or have to handle the loop or line charges and billing delivery packages which are hard to keep track of.

Additionally, they would like to use an IP-based fax network to terminate their fax documents.
This is where FaxSIPit comes into play. The hosted solution is a high-availability, virtualization-ready fax that is scalable, deployable, and offers HTTPS over Internet, without the high cash outlay of an enterprise server and all the high associated costs that go with it.

The result is a solution designed to work perfectly with the reliability when delivering over the open Internet, Wi-Fi, satellite and cellular networks. If you’re searching for both security and reliability in your fax services, FaxSIPit offers all that and much more.