Understanding Port Rejections

There are some rejections we just can’t avoid, like an account freeze on the LSP side. And with fax numbers they have often had a “hot potato” history of multiple providers, so details e/u has might not be correct.

Additionally, if an end user is going through a wholesale changeover of a service provider, including VoIP lines, there can be other ports occurring on the account we want to port from (giving pending order rejections), or ports that just recently happened that mean BTNs have been updated (a reason why BTN rejection is one of the more common rejections received).

Any of the separation out of TF & local carrier, and then account & service location level details we can do upfront, such as creating a separate order for each, goes a long way to getting a first submission success. Our requirement for invoicing is primarily driving those points.

Cameron Bode, FaxSIPit Lead CSR