Preventing issues with Automated Faxing

When converting from analog faxing to ATA based faxing speed dial settings and automated jobs must also be converted. We do get a few calls a month that are caused by leaving dial parameters like ‘9’ to get an outside line or a bill or reference code added to the dial string on the fax machine. Obviously these parameters are not required when using the ATA as it dials via our system and so doesn’t use the client’s PBX or related telephony equipment. Reviewing these should be as easy as checking the settings on the fax machine. Still your client may not be aware of the need to make changes and is some cases may not be aware anything like this is in place. Always good to ask and check to confirm.

Likewise, automated fax jobs can too cause issues as they are often set-up to run at night or the weekends and so may have been forgotten. These automated jobs likely aren’t on the fax machine but in some application or a script etc. Careful review of the faxing your client does should identify such automated job; their use and need. Again the change will likely be stripping off any parameters in the dial string not necessary for dialing through the ATA. Please note that automated jobs and speed dial settings will still work with the ATA they just need to the 10 digit dial number only and no additional parameters before or after the number. A ‘1’ at the beginning is not necessary.


by FaxSIPit Support Team