New Industry Consortium Represents Fax Network Operators and Vendors, Bringing Together Millions of Endpoints for Secure Document Delivery

Marlboro, NJ (December 3, 2015) – Leading fax network operators and technology vendors today announced the launch of Fax Federation, an industry consortium focused on creating the world’s largest secure fax network. Fax Federation represents an open standard that bypasses the need for traditional PSTN infrastructure. It connects all major fax servers and fax-enabled applications as well as millions of endpoints via a cloud-based transport network.

More than a dozen companies have been instrumental in forming Fax Federation. The founding members include etherFAX, FaxSIPit, FaxCore, GFI FaxMaker, Biscom, GoldFax, Imecom, Facsys, RightFax, TargetFax, ExtraFax, FAAST, FaxBack, Fenestrae, Pangea Communications, and Scrypt. The consortium offers an API that enables fax server providers and fax-enabled applications to securely exchange documents and faxes across the Fax Federation network. 

Fax Federation provides guaranteed delivery, end-to-end encryption, and ultra-fast connections – all without traversing traditional PSTN infrastructure. A 50-page document can be transmitted in seconds, compared to conventional methods that require 30 to 45 minutes. Additionally, the ecosystem supports audit trails, error-free transmissions, and no busy signals, ideal for business-critical fax communications.

“As a participating member of the Fax Federation, we are excited to contribute to a system that will bring together a secure network for all those in need of secure document exchange in a faster, more reliable environment,” said Eli Mann, CEO of FaxSIPit.

“This industry partnership is providing a new standard that is supported by a vast ecosystem of fax vendors,” said Paul Banco, CEO of etherFAX.  “With millions of endpoints now connected, Fax Federation is redefining secure transmission for fax. We are no longer restrained by antiquated methods, and can provide security, speed and guaranteed delivery as well as support for high resolution documents. We encourage all fax service providers to join the Fax Federation.”

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