Shield Hyla Press Release

Vancouver – January 21st, 2016 – Shield 4UC™, a global leader in secure fax data transfer, today announces its release of Shield trunking services.  A hosted cloud service for businesses requiring compliant data transfer that allows the efficient exchange of secure fax messages.

Shield utilizes SFTP along with AES encryption to allow HylaFax users to migrate away from telephony infrastructure and move to the cloud with a minimum disruption to existing users and applications. HylaFax users can now join other fax server solutions and enjoy secure trunking services from a leading fax service provider.

Shield 4UC also provides a robust API based on HTTPS (SSL encryption) allowing many legacy applications to move away from using in house fax solutions to a secure Cloud fax solution.

Secure documentation transfer is mission critical for many industries such as healthcare, finance, and insurance. Using SFTP and HTTPS Shield ensures accuracy while also addressing regulatory compliance issues related to secure document handling.

Because Shield can directly integrate with internal workflow systems, user workflow messaging and infrastructure remain unaffected. Shield enables companies to seamlessly and securely send direct messages.

“From the perspective of installation and use, the service is simple to understand and easy to use, basically plug and play. If you are a user in compliance regulated industry you will love the way Shield 4UC cloud fax service maintains compliance and takes away the need for equipment and problems related to Telco” said Randy Simmons VP sales for Shield 4UC.

Shield cloud technologies, together with FaxSIPit Services, brings to the market 25 years of the most innovative advances in faxing technology. Shield combines a secure hybrid of desktop, server and cloud solutions as well as business applications that increase security, office productivity, and decrease overall operational costs.

For a quarter of a century the veteran industry leaders, Shield 4UC, have been at the forefront of developing and directing fax communication. As a cutting-edge fax provider, The Shield 4UC service radically simplifies the way organizations use and connect fax solutions. Fax-centric design features a robust, redundant architecture deployed over large capacity network with growth accommodating scalability.  Award-winning dedicated fax telephony connections, SFTP based fax connections, virtual, SIP, as well as HylaFax plugin for secure high speed connectivity which complements existing fax technology by enabling companies to communicate and deliver information faster, smarter and easier in a secure and reliable manner.

For more information contact Shield at 1.855.787.7253 or