Variations on Virtual Faxing

Whether you are offering standalone virtual fax services or including them as an add-on feature with traditional faxing there are several variations on the service that can be used.

Receiving Virtual Faxes

The default method for receiving a virtual fax is by email with the faxed document coming as a PDF attachment. Multiple email addresses can be listed for delivery of the inbound fax.

An alternative method for receiving we have is called ‘SSL Fax’. With this option enabled, when a new fax is delivered to the end-users number they will still get and email, but the fax itself will not be attached. Instead only a message prompting the user to login to the fax server itself to retrieve the file will be sent.

Sending Virtual Faxes

There are three methods available for sending a fax virtually. The simplest method is by logging onto the fax portal, navigating to the Web to Fax section and providing the sending information and uploading the file to be faxed. It is also possible to send by using a specifically formatted email where the fax document is attached to the email. Lastly, we do have a Windows print driver available – with this installed the user chooses to print their document for faxing to their Internet Fax Printer and then follows a simple GUI to enter sending information.

For information on using and changing these various options please refer to your Resellers Guide, the How-To/FAQs from the Support section of our website or by contacting the Customer Service department.