How to Get Notified of Service Impacting Events

The FaxSIPit website support page ( has an RSS Feed you can subscribe to and it will automatically inform you when there are updates to this page.  During an event we provide updates every 30 minutes or more frequently as the situation dictates. At FaxSIPit we work incredibly hard to ensure your client’s services are functioning at least 99.9% of the time. More often than not we exceed this service level. But there are times when there are issues outside of our control that do impact services. Sometimes these events affect portal access, or email delivery or ATA connectivity and faxing or all services. Sometimes it’s an issue like Hurricane Sandy or fire in central office somewhere affecting local routing. Whatever the cause or impact to service our RSS feed is updated regularly. This will allow you to get those updates as we add them. Using the RSS Feed allows us to focus resources on fixing issues while updating customers. Also worth noting is we are striving for an SLA of 99.999% (5 nines) uptime and are actively working on upgrades that will help us achieve this standard.