Who is Shield 4UC?

After 25 years in the secure messaging industry as a fax centric company, we as a group of companies found the ever increasing need for new and innovative products to combat the ever-growing and changing threats within the cyber world.

You can’t win tomorrows war with yesterday’s tools.

Hence the formation of Shield as a company, our Shield team spend countless months researching and testing new and cutting edge products to bring the best and newest of the breed to create a 360 degree solution.

Products that protect; outward in, inward out, and everything between.

Currently the Shield product line consists of:

Shield: SFTP Fax (highest level of secure fax) – www.shield4uc.com

Safe-T: Secure messaging (a conceptual change into secure email) and RSaccess (a revolutionary product that reduce your attack surface into minimum) http://www.safe-t.com/

Cronus: Attack path scenario penetration testing (the only one that combines the HW and Application vulnerability) http://www.cronus-cyber.com/

Solebit: Zero Day malicious code protection (a game changer in the field) http://www.solebitlabs.com/


For more information contact Shield at 1.855.787.7253. or www.shield4uc.com.