PC to FAX Print Drive

The PC to FAX Print Driver is a quick, easy, and efficient way for sending faxes directly from a PC. The files and detailed instructions for you to deploy the service are available at http://wiki.faxsipit.com/doku.php?id=pc_to_fax_instructions.

The print driver allows the computer to communicate directly to the client’s fax account. Clients simply need to open the document for faxing, choose the Print option and select the Internet Fax Printer in order to send. It’s as easy as that.

A simple GUI will open where users are able to provide up to nine fax numbers to send to. During your initial configuration of the driver you’ll be able to include your company logo in the install file so it is displayed in the GUI.

This GUI is especially convenient for end-users who fax multiple destinations regularly as it contains an address book for storing contact details. The client can also customize a pre-formatted cover page template which they can store for future use.

With the driver clients can virtually fax any file, i.e. if the file for faxing can be opened in a program with a print option, it can be faxed with the PC to FAX driver.