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Take the pain out of fax with our HTTPS/TLS FoIP ATA

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Give your clients the confidence that can only come from working with FaxSIPit’s trusted, reliable and secure faxing.

Simple to use; completely plug and play with reliable and secure fax transmission. FaxSIPit’s white-label ATA offers consistent reliability with maximum security. Offers End-to-End encryption and PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC II compliance.

FaxSIPit SecureFax-ATA connects to any Fax Machine or MFP device to any Internet connection or Internet enabled device/modem/hotspot etc.

Secure Data Exchange

SecureFax-SDE + Mobile App provides you with HIPAA compliance and ransomwear protection

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FaxSIPit’s SecureFax services are built on a reliable network infrastructure to increase productivity and maintain high customer satisfaction.

SecureFax-SDE offers a simple, inexpensive and secure document sharing and fax solution that helps reduce the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

The Mobile App lets you move policy enforcement beyond the perimeter so teams can work more effectively while sharing forms and documents securely.

SecureFax-SDE gives you complaint Email, Web & Fax document sharing and collaboration plus active defence against data breaches.

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