VOIP Telecom Providers,
We Know Your Fax Pain!

When it comes to VOIP Voice installations and VOIP Fax, as a provider, you are faced with a few poor choices:

You can earn the VOIP phone service and keep the fax machine with the Telco Company creating a two Company Telco billing. Not only is this confusing and inefficient for your customer, it leaves the door open for the Telco Company to earn the phone business back. 

Or, you can install standard VOIP fax and suffer from reliability problems and constant, frustrating support issues. Eventually you could lose accounts due to low customer satisfaction with the many problems associated with Fax to T.38 ATA. 

You may have already decided that T.38 is too unstable for your customer, so you’ve signed them up with an eFax or some other similar type solution. But, now your customer has the inconvenience of no fax to fax solution and has the need to scan hardcopies. All this is a hassle for you and your customers. The questions is, how can I as a VOIP telecom provider integrate with all the systems in my customer’s offices earning myself more money, creating a satisfied customer that is more efficient, entirely dependent and loyal to me as a VOIP telecom provider? One word. FaxSIPit.

Give your clients the confidence that can only come from working with FaxSIPit’s trusted, reliable and secure faxing.

Take the pain out of fax with our HTTPS/TLS FoIP ATA

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Simple to use; completely plug and play with reliable and secure fax transmission. FaxSIPit’s white-label ATA offers consistent reliability with maximum security. Offers End-to-End encryption and PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC II compliance.

FaxSIPit SecureFax-ATA connects to any Fax Machine or MFP device to any Internet connection or Internet enabled device/modem/hotspot etc.

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