Tips for Setting up a New Account

We are often asked what the best way is to setup a new account when the client has an existing fax number. The interim time period while the fax number is porting can be difficult for your client and their customers. Some of the following recommendations are listed below:

  1. Assign your client a temporary DID. The portal should have the same or other local NPA you can use.
  2. Keep existing service in place until the number ports.
  3. Forward their existing number to the temporary number. Please discuss that the caveat will fail quite often with your client. It may be unavoidable though.
  4. Have the client give out the temporary DID if there are issues with sending to their original fax number.

If you are keeping the existing service and don’t need to test our service with your client, then a temporary DID is not always necessary. If you do want to be able to test our service with your client and also have a failover option, then the temporary DID is the best way to go.

Some clients like the option of having 2 DIDs: their client’s original fax number and one for Line 2 of the ATA. This could be another local number, a local number from a city they also service, or even a toll free number.

This is why some agents, who do need a temporary DID, put it on Line 2 and enter the client’s original fax number on Line 1. This way they only have their client move the phone cable to Line1 once the number port completes.

Please note that if not using a temporary DID, you can pre-configure the ATA account with the client’s number so that when the port completes it will start receiving faxes. You can choose this option in the portal. Our cloud fax service will receive faxes if the ATA is offline or not connected to a fax machine so this way there will be no loss of service.
It would be a good idea to have your client announce they are changing fax service providers. They should state something, “Over the next few weeks if there are any issues faxing us please use this temporary number” or words to that affect. This will ensure a smooth transition for your client and less challenges for you.


William Jordan, FaxSIPit Manager of Operations