Provisioning After Porting Shortcut

If an ATA is online and you change a TN on it’s configuration the ATA must be rebooted. Sometimes when porting a DID you may have already provisioned and deployed an ATA with a temporary DID at the customers premise. If you have done so our porting department can assist in the final step of updating the DID on the appropriate user configuration upon completion of the port. In order to do this a clear direction of which UserID and Line to update would need to be included in the email submission of the port.

Example (included in the body of the email port submission):
Provisioning request: when complete please put this TN on Line1 of UserID 175500 and reboot.

With this added note, when you receive notification that the port has completed successfully you’ll also get confirmation the appropriate UserID has been updated and the ATA restarted. This will save you the job of updating the portal and having the end user restart the ATA /make a premise visit to do so.

Cameron Bode, FaxSIPit Lead CSR