What To Do With Line2?

Several years ago we added faxing support for Line2 of the ATA. This means your client can have two numbers to receive faxes on. But a few agents ask why would a client need or want two numbers. There are many scenarios where this would be helpful.

Your client may want to provide a local number for another city or town they service. They could provide a toll free number option if they have clients out of state or nationwide. Some clients have offices in two parts of the same state or country but want their all faxes received at the main office. Whatever the situation Line2 can provide an additional number for faxing.

However, this also helps with technical troubleshooting in a number of ways. A toll free number for instance is provided by a different carrier than our US local DIDs. This means that a downstream carrier issues affecting the local DID or extremely unlikely to affect the toll free number as well. This was very helpful during Hurricane Sandy when certain parts of the eastern seaboard where down. Clients with a Toll Free fax number where still able to receive faxes as that carrier was unaffected by the flooding etc.

Line2 can help eliminate issues with Line1. It can help confirm that the ATA can connect to our cloud, that it can send & receive faxes and that it can communicate with your client’s fax machine. Its phone line can be moved to the fax machine connected to Line1 to help determine if that is the issue. All of these checks are extremely helpful in determining and resolving issues. Additionally it gives your client an option when they want to provide better service or if people are having issues faxing their primary number. Should you have any questions about this please contact our sales or support teams. We’ll be happy to help you.


William Jordan, FaxSIPit Manager of Operations