Porting Tips

An important point to consider before submitting any LNP requests for fax telephone numbers is if there is an existing pending order already on the account. This could be an order on any of the TNs that are listed under the Billing Telephone Number. If this is the case, such as a port order you have in process on an end users voice lines, and we submit a port request for the fax TNs, we will receive a rejection on the order that an existing order is already in place on the account and only one order can process at a time.

Another important consideration before submitting a port request for a fax TN is if you have recently made any changes to the account structure of the end users account that would change the service information for the fax TN. Often you may have initiated a partial port of an end users voice lines to become the new provider for them. If you port away the BTN it is important to determine what the new one is for the remaining TNs, such as the fax TNs before submitting the port for them in order to avoid receiving an invalid BTN rejection.

Taking these two points into consideration will go a long way to ensuring the porting process is as smooth and quick as possible.


Cameron Bode, FaxSIPit Lead CSR