The Benefits of Knowledge     

Have you ever thought why faxes are still useful? Why they are economical? Why the service never dies? Have you ever wondered what actually goes on at your job or client’s offices when it comes to faxing? If you have no idea, Time to start learning.

Take a VoIP provider, or a carrier for example, who needs to look after their clients’ needs by knowing exactly what he/she needs to provide to them for better quality service. Many of them have used services such as T.38 or G.711 but have been disappointed to learn the service does not work well once it’s exposed to the open internet, leaving customers to experience jitter and packet loss which in turn leads to poor service and frustrated, even angry customers. If the VoIP provider or carrier took a few minutes to know about other products in the telecom market, these few minutes could lead to greater customer trust, and a sticky customer that would use all of their services. On the other hand, ignore the problems related to T.38 and G.711 fax and you have lost customer trust; at the first opportunity your customers would leave in a heartbeat. So ask yourself, Could I as a VoIP provider or carrier avoided the troubles from the beginning?  This is where the knowledge comes in.

What if you had taken a few minutes to learn about HTTPS Fax using a HTTPS ATA? It’s a popular choice that is on the rise for faxing in the telecom industry. By doing his research, the reseller would know that this little blue box has simplicity written all over it. The HTTPS ATA connects to his customers’ fax machine through their network via HTTPS and configures all on its own. The connection is reliable, secure, and it runs successfully through the open internet; it’s resistant to jitter & packet loss along the way so there are no interruptions, no dropped calls, no frustrated customers or lost business.  So why would you not take the time earn the brownie points with your customers! Now you have the key to success and a wealth of information can be passed along to his clients, informing & putting them at ease that their provider is well educated in the services he sells.

See the difference between knowing what you’re doing, and not having a clue? Enthusiasm builds up for what you know, how you can help clients, and how you can expand your business. To gain more understanding, visit for more information.