eFax Platform issues – RESOLVED

Wednesday Aug 31st 3:10 PM PDT – All eFax Corporate platform access has been fully restored. There are no reports of slowness or any remaining problems. Receive fax functionality is fully restored as well. Please note this did not affect Zoom fax app users, ATA and API users nor clients on our fax platform.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patient while this matter was being worked on and fixed.

Wednesday Aug 31st 12:15 PM PDT – Admin login access to the eFax Corporate platform has been restored. But some slowness is being experienced as admins run delayed activities. User access is currently intermittent or slow. Receive fax functionality issues have been resolved but some slowness is being reported.

We will provide further input as resolution efforts produce results.

Wednesday Aug 31st 10:10 AM PDT – There is a login access issue affecting the eFax Corporate platform. There are also some intermittent receive functionality issues.

Vendor technicians are working on it and there is some improvement but full functionality has not been restored.

The Zoom App and ATAs (connected to the eFax system) are not affected.

Updates will be posted here as soon as we have them.