Email Confirmations & Faxes – RESOLVED

3:00 PM PDT – At this time we show all services operating normally. We are continuing to do extra monitoring and will apply more general fixes overnight.

10:50 AM PDT – We have implemented some fixes to address the duplicate emails that are being generated. Emails are being delivered for both confirmations and inbound faxes but we do anticipate it will be a few hours before these deliveries return to real time. For any users with time sensitivity we recommend they access the web portal for real time status notifications and fax retrieval.

9:40 AM PDT – Our engineers are implementing some changes to address these issues. While those updates are happening there will be a general delay on the delivery of both inbound faxes to email as well as email confirmations.

8:40 AM PDT – We are also investigating delivery delays for some email confirmations.

8:25 AM PDT – Our engineers are investigating an issue where some email confirmations are being generated multiple times.