Increase in Inbound Failures – Resolved

4:05 PM PDT – Alternative routes will remain in place for the current time. When the original routes are brought back into effect it will be a seamless rollover without any impact.

3:30 PM PDT – Rerouting has been implemented and we are now seeing expected call volumes and successful testing from the impacted carrier.

3:02 PM PDT – We are working with the ULC on getting traffic by alternate routes in to mitigate this issue. No time frame for this is available yet.

2:41 PM PDT – ULC is working on mitigation of their acknowledged issue. No ETR has been provided at this time.

2:30 PM PDT – Our engineers have spotted a reduction of inbound traffic from one of our underlying carriers and have escalated this with the ULC who have confirmed there is an issue. Outbound traffic is not impacted. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.