Unicorn ATA Services – Resolved

11:00 AM Pacific – Engineering sees normal ATA connectivity has been fully restored. Most inbound faxes received will also now have been delivered. Lines with large volumes of faxes received may still have queued faxes being delivered before returning to normal delivery.

10:30 AM Pacific – We are beginning to see these ATAs reconnect to the network with normal sending services responding now. Inbound faxes received while ATAs were unable to connect are also being delivered.

10:25 AM Pacific – Our team is escalating with service vendors to further investigate.

10:00 AM Pacific – Our engineers are investigating issues impacting the ability of single port Unicorn ATAs to connect to faxportal.faxsipit.com network. Impacted ATAs would be unable to send and have any received faxes delivered. Updates will be posted to this bulletin as they become available. Thank you for your patience while we investigate.