Inbound Delays – RESOLVED

3:50 PM PDT – As of 3:15 PM PDT normal routes for inbound services have been normal. We have also received some further details from the CenturyLink NOC. “[CenturyLink NOC] has advised that multiple devices across multiple markets are exhausting resources causing the devices to periodically reboot on their own accord when the resources are exhausted. Operations Engineering as well as the equipment vendor are working in cooperation with the [CenturyLink IP] NOC to investigate further.”

2:45 PM PDT – As of 2:30 PM PDT we have been observing the same route issues at the underlying carrier impacting certain inbound calls. We are engaging with

1:35 PM PDT – We believe that the variable routing issues with the underlying carrier have begun to stabilize. The UC has implemented several routing changes themselves in order to bypass the issue and we have seen those routes as stable with normal inbound faxing service since 1:00 PM PDT. Due to the nature of the issue we are not ready to declare the issue as resolved and will continue to monitor and advise.

12:45 PM PDT – The same route issues are presenting again. We are continuing to work with the underlying carrier towards resolution.

12:30 PM PDT – Services have returned to normal operation at this time. We will continue to do additional monitoring of the impacted underlying carrier routes.

12:05 PM PDT – We can confirm that Level3/CenturyLink have an ongoing BGP issue that is impacting their services at multiple levels. We are continuing to work with our UCs on mitigation and resolution.

12:00 PM PDT – We are seeing some of the same routes being impacted again. We are working with the underlying carrier to resolve the matter.

11:50 AM PDT – We are continuing to investigate this issue. At this time it appears the issue was due to upstream route issues with an underlying carrier.

11:46 AM PDT – The impact from the impacted carrier has been mitigated and all services are returning to normal operation.

11:35 AM PDT – Our engineers have become aware of an issue impacting some of our inbound routes with one of our carriers. We are still investigating the scope of the issue and working to to bring alternates online ASAP. More information will be posted here as we become aware. We thank you for your patience while we work to correct this as quickly as possible.